Building a Brand & growing a team

Kimberly Mitchell Photography was a white glove service providing personalized photographic art. I designed a customer experience to influence buying decisions, build a strong loyal following, and grow my business into the luxury name for portraits in Okinawa. Demand was high, so I spun off an associate-based studio with a team 10 photographers and designers while increasing revenues 400% in two years.


Beautifully Consistent

To maintain a high-value experience and build customer trust, I mapped the entire journey to provide a unique, holistic, and consistent experience across every touchpoint from the digital and print, to in-person conversations.

Users had a preconceived mental model of a photography business model. To challenge this and increase my average sale, I sent out a lookbook meant to inspire them to think of one-of-a-kind commissioned artwork and storytelling albums. I created a consistent visual identity system for digital and print collateral, and managed expectations about process with timely and appropriate communications throughout the 8-week process. I designed the sales presentation around emotional triggers, and considered every detail including providing professional installation of their wall art.