I'm a practical innovator building a strategic design culture that inspires and empowers teams to drive business impact.

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Solving real customer challenges. Producing business outcomes. Enabling a team to get it done.



I cut through the noise to see meaningful insights and frame the problem space for teams to shape business opportunity.


I match complementary working styles to create strong partnerships, explore deep thinking, and maximize productivity.


get-it-done guru

I turn thoughts into action and drive projects forward staying laser focused on the goal, but leaving flexibility to get there.

I bring a startup lens to a complex enterprise ecosystem to move faster and create impact.

Kimberly is a great leader who gets things done! She brings a solid point of view to move us forward faster and is a highly skilled facilitator that seeks and values deep holistic thinking from the team to crystalize bold new concepts. It’s quite a rare combination!
I’ve watched Kimberly extract maximum talent from her team as she established a clear charter and culture. She brings big ideas and a decisive, action-oriented approach to leadership while developing and advocating for her talent.
As a design leader, she is able to see product opportunities so clearly through customer insight and intuition. She excels at connecting the dots between different work streams and strategically facilitates cross-org collaboration to push beyond the status quo.

I bring a data-driven strategy to product design to deliver value to customers and the business.



Create a coherent narrative and tell a story.



Read a room to drive conversations.



Think broadly to create a realistic project plan.



Ideate. Create. Hypothesize. Test. Iterate.

As an entrepreneur, I brought a holistic service design approach to build three successful brands.


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